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Our Running Biomechanics Analysis sessions are designed to help you to move better,

to improve your walking, running or sport, and to diagnose or recover for any injuries,

surgeries or niggles.

We combine 3D Biomechanics RS FootScan Technology with our Treadmill

Analysis and Clinical Tests within the same session. In combination this provides some

of the most detailed and accurate movement assessments available anywhere in the UK.

We have designed these sessions to help you improve your running technique, run faster and overcome any injuries or niggles.

Our Biomechanics Analysis sessions are only ever carried out by specialist Physiotherapists- who are experts in biomechanics and injury assessment.

We combine the kind of testing equipment found in a research lab, with assessments and interpretation by a running expert Physiotherapist. It’s a session designed to help you improve and understand your running.

Most other ‘gait analysis’ sessions are carried out in shoe shops by shoe sales- people. These sessions are simply designed to help you buy shoes- a shoe shop won’t be able to help you with injuries or properly understanding your movement.

Following our assessments… We have the expertise and facilities to help with whatever we find...

At Prime Performance Physiotherapy we can take care of all of your Performance and Injury needs under one roof.

If you have an injury, we can help you to recover with the right diagnosis, rehab programmes and treatments. We will provide personal exercise recommendations, running drills and whatever else is needed to help you reach your goals.


At Prime Performance Physio EVERYTHING is taken care of for you.

Prime Performance Physio: Footscan & Phits 3D Printed Orthotics

Prime Performance Physio: Footscan & Phits 3D Printed Orthotics

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Here Are The People Most Likely To Benefit From A 3D Biomechanics Analysis At Prime Performance Physiotherapy:

  • Runners with pain in their back, hamstrings, hip, knee, ankle, shin, or foot

  • Runners who want to improve their running form

  • Runners who want to AVOID injury

  • Athletes on a return to running program after surgery or injury

  • Runners who want to train with a specialist in running and biomechanics

  • Runners who are frustrated by their current treatment and want "running specific" Physiotherapy 

  • Runners who want access to the best expertise and motion analysis software in the East Midlands

  • Runners of all levels and abilities, looking to run faster 

  • Elite athletes of all ages looking for those all-important marginal gains

  • Triathletes who want to work with someone who understands their need for good technique

  • Athletes from sports involving running including rugby, hockey and football and field athletics


Our Phits 3D Printed Insole Technology allows us to remain at the forefront of scientific innovation and provide better solutions and outcomes for our patients. 

This technology revolutionises the prescription of orthotics by looking at a key metric that has previously been overlooked – human movement.

Traditional methods for creating bespoke insoles have been questioned as they most commonly involve pushing your feet into an impression box in standing.

At Prime we want to understand what your foot is doing when you walk, run, squat or balance!

Our 3D Biomechanical Analysis System allows us to put a truly bespoke orthotic into your shoe, which not only helps with the comfort of your feet but allows for complete optimisation of your foot and lower limb biomechanics which can have a beneficial impact further up the chain at your back, hip or knee.

So if you would like to get booked in and experience our Award Winning Service then please get in touch or book online at your convenience and we will do our best to treat you the same way as a professional athlete.

Phits 3D Insoles are WORLD renowned having previously provided customised insoles to Paula Radcliffe on her return from career threatening surgery. Whilst Mo Farah has also benefited from the FootScan technology. More recently the likes of Lily Partridge, Charlotte Purdue and Olympian Ben Connor have benefitted from the Phits 3D insoles. 

running injury custom orthotics

Paula Radcliffe

Marathon World Record Holder & Phits Pioneer.

"Without the support of Phits orthotics it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldnt have been able to continue my running career".

custom insoles orthotics



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