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What Are ForceDecks?

ForceDecks are used to assess and collect data from 20+ different movements e.g. a squat. It can collect data on strength, jump height, balance, squat depth, landing impact and more.


How Does It Work?

We begin by taking a measure of your weight and then proceed to carry out the functional movement we are testing e.g. single leg squat. When performing this movement on the ForceDecks, it collects the reading of the amount of force put through the plate during different phases of the movement.


Why Do We Use Them?

The data collected can provide us with objective measures, mostly taken at the beginning of a rehabilitation or fitness plan journey.

Our Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabilitators or Pilates instructors can analyse the data identify any strength imbalances between each leg or the amount of force produced when landing.

This data can help us create exercise programs catered towards an individuals’ needs e.g. strength imbalances, which can lead to better outcomes.

Along the journey we can also re-test the exercises to track any progress made by an individual and provide a clear picture of how an individual is progressing in their rehabilitation or fitness plan.


What Are The Benefits?

· Provides us with object data which can be analysed and referenced to during rehabilitation

· We can compare an individuals data to normalized data collected from different ages, genders and sports

· It can be used to screen an individuals risk of injury or re-injury

· Help correct an individuals form of certain exercises, e.g. the ForceDecks can detect if someone is shifting their body weight towards one side more than the other. With this data we can find solutions to correct form


People Most Likely To Benefit:

· People with biomechanical issues

· People with an injury who have lost strength or function in a particular body part

· Athletes wanting to screen their movements to help prevent injuries

· Elite athletes looking to make marginal gains​

· Pre & Post operation screening

· Gym goes or athletes looking at ways they can improve their form on particular exercises

Common Exercises We Test?

· Squat

· Single leg squat

· Single leg jump

· Countermovement jump

· Drop jump

· Single leg jump

· Land and hold

· Push Up

· Shoulder isometrics

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